Libs crash headfirst into reality with recovery plan to *checks notes* hate the rich

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Tim Smith, Peta Credlin, the 'forgotten people' speech and the politics of resentment will get things back on track in no time. The post Libs crash headfirst into reality with recovery plan to *checks notes* hate the rich appeared first on... read more

I approached election night with gloom but …

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As the polls closed on Saturday night, most election commentary focused on the dispiriting campaign where both major parties avoided any substantial division on policy issues and instead focused on negatively framing the opposing leader. Even to... read more

As Monday dawns on a new era

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Anthony Albanese will be sworn in as prime minister today, pledging to implement the Uluru Statement from the Heart in full and take tougher action on climate change as Labor takes power for the first time in nine years.Mr Albanese, who will fly... read more

Saturday Morning Musings -times of turmoil

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The last few years have been truly tumultuous. Drought was followed by fire and then covid and floods. Internationally, growing tensions with China were followed by the Ukraine War. The global rules based order established after the Second World... read more

Time to move on

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This blog is going into hibernation. I’ll still be around, but concentrating on professional matters. The place to find me will be JeremySear.Wordpress.Com. read more

Aunty peddles Castro fantasy

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IF only Donald Trump was a dictator who killed and jailed his opponents and enslaved his people, writes Andrew Bolt. read more

Surgeon fought death on our roads

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JOHN Birrell was sneered at when he fought to introduce laws to combat the road toll but the police surgeon saved thousands of lives, writes Andrew Rule. read more