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Why you should be tracking the bond market

Domestic bond markets have rallied sharply on account of rate softening by RBI as well as a rate cut by the US Fed. India’s sovereign bond yield recently dipped to a 10-year low. Is there trouble for investors ahead? Should you take your flight to safety? These graphical analyses will give you a clearer picture of the scenario. The... go to Article >

Fund manager who predicted Op Twist says govt can’t ignore FIIs

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By Kartik GoyalA bond fund manager who correctly predicted that India’s central bank would introduce a U.S. Federal Reserve style Operation Twist, now says that the nation needs more foreign capital to fund its record borrowing.India’s borrowing... read more

Dear FM, it'll be nice to see Budget innovations to fund capex

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By Gautam ChhaochhariaThe Union Budget will have important implications for the four-key framework -- capex, exports, policy and credit -- from which we expect an earnings cycle inflection ahead. We expect three keys – property, exports and credit... read more

Risk sppetite for high-yield Indian bonds could sustain till Q1

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Timing, size and pricing with a clear strategy are essential for any non-banking finance company to raise funds overseas as the business faces many headwinds from banks with lower cost of funds, says Amrish Baliga, managing director at Deutsche... read more

Q3 earnings among 13 factors likely to drive market this week

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December quarter earnings, geopolitical tensions in West Asia and crude oil price movement are among the key factors that would steer the domestic stock market in the week ahead.Globally, markets saw some pain on Friday amid the flareup in West... read more

9-pt guide to making more money in 2020

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Both the economy and the financial markets were on shaky ground in 2019. Equity market was volatile, debt investors were a nervous lot and economic numbers did not instill confidence. As we bid goodbye to 2019, here are nine strategies that can... read more

India must rethink what are its growth drivers: Jahangir Aziz

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There is a political backlash against globalisation in developed markets. So trying to depend upon that as an engine of growth is unlikely to bear fruit. All Emerging Market countries now need to self inspect, look back at their own growth models... read more

World's richest gain $1.2 trillion as bizarre fortunes flourish in 2019

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By Tom Metcalf and Jack WitzigThe leveraging of a giant social-media presence, a catchy tune about a family of sharks and a burgeoning collection of junkyards are just a few of the curious ways that helped make 2019 a fertile year for fortunes to... read more

Why India can't afford to let the shadow banking sector fail

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By Keki MistryFor more than a year, an overwhelming drive seems to be underway to label non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) as anathema to the economy. It’s easy to paint all NBFCs with the same brush, but it can be quite flippant to ignore... read more

Three-peat? Fed copies 1990s playbook in bid to avert downturn

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WASHINGTON: In the midst of what became a golden decade for the US Federal Reserve, central bankers twice in the 1990s cut interest rates in short bursts that managed to help the US economy continue growing despite slowing investment and weak... read more

Manmohan's 1991 playbook could help Modi get 2020 right

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By Andy MukherjeeThirty years ago, India endured its last big financial crisis when it had to send gold held in the central bank’s vaults over to London to borrow hard currency from the Bank of England. Luckily, the flights landed safely, and so... read more