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Markets rally as Trump plays down recession fears - business live

Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news, as Donald Trump insists that America’s economy is doing ‘tremendously well’ 8.14am BST Trump’s breezy optimism about the US economy isn’t shared by all Americans. My colleague Ed Helmore points out that anxiety over the economic landscape is growing..... According to an... go to Article >

Investors cling to stimulus hopes as recession fears swirl - business live

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Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news Germany could be sliding into recession Trump demands big US interest rate cuts 8.28am BST Donald Trump’s latest attempt to force US interest rates down pushed some Asia-Pacific... read more

Shaun Edwards: ‘I sensed France really wanted me. That’s why I went’

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France’s defence coach discusses why he left Wales, sidestepped Wigan and would like to work for England Shaun Edwards’s French is coming along fine. “I wouldn’t be able to have a long conversation,” he says, “but I’ve got all the rugby words.”... read more

Child refugees have become pawns in a rightwing culture war | Rachel Shabi

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In striking down Alf Dubs’ House of Lords amendment, the government is feeding nativist narratives “Who could be against children joining their families?” Few questions better capture the cruelty of the Conservative government’s approach to child... read more

Fit in my 40s: I’m doing yoga at home. It’s free, but can I ignore the carpet stains? | Zoe Williams

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Online classes save money and time. There’s just one obvious catch Fitness tips: how to start your online yoga practice Just as you never forget how to ride a bike, so you never forget how to do a downward dog; but what goes clean out of your... read more

Trump impeachment trial: Republicans signal shortened session for Saturday

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President’s lawyers will start making their case at 10am Longer, more meaningful session expected for Monday Republican lawmakers and Donald Trump’s legal team have signaled that Saturday’s impeachment proceedings would not go all day as they... read more

20 photographs of the week

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The aftermath of the Taal volcano eruption, bushfires in Australia, refugees on the island of Lesbos and Greta Thurnberg in Davos – the best photography in news, culture and sport from around the world this week Continue reading... read more

Could Joe Biden lose Iowa but win the Democratic nomination?

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Since 2000, every Democratic winner of Iowa has gone on to be the nominee – and Biden could lose the state given the notorious indecisiveness of voters Arriving more than an hour later than scheduled, Joe Biden wandered into his Iowa campaign... read more

Has physicist's gravity theory solved 'impossible' dark energy riddle?

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Prof Claudia de Rham’s ‘massive gravity’ theory could explain why universe expansion is accelerating Cosmologists don’t enter their profession to tackle the easy questions, but there is one paradox that has reached staggering proportions. Since... read more

Law and disorder: how crime shows cloud the public view of criminal justice

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TV shows erase racism, normalize police misconduct and leave women and people of color out of the creative process, study finds Valencia Gunder knows the inaccuracies of television crime dramas all too well. As a criminal justice activist, she’s... read more

How we live together: the Quakers

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Quakerism is about integrity, equality, simplicity, community – all of the things I aspire to Marie, 29 I’ve always been a spiritual person, but when I left university that part of me wasn’t feeling nourished. I heard about Quakerism and found... read more

The Lighthouse director Robert Eggers on storms, seagulls and spraying Robert Pattinson with a hose

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His unorthodox methods saw his leading man nearly punch him in the face. But the end result is one of the past year’s most acclaimed films This is getting very granular for me,” says Robert Eggers, half-jokingly, half-uncomfortably. We were... read more