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Markets rally as Trump plays down recession fears - business live

Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news, as Donald Trump insists that America’s economy is doing ‘tremendously well’ 8.14am BST Trump’s breezy optimism about the US economy isn’t shared by all Americans. My colleague Ed Helmore points out that anxiety over the economic landscape is growing..... According to an... go to Article >

Investors cling to stimulus hopes as recession fears swirl - business live

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Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news Germany could be sliding into recession Trump demands big US interest rate cuts 8.28am BST Donald Trump’s latest attempt to force US interest rates down pushed some Asia-Pacific... read more

Curtain falls on Super Netball season with Swifts targeting dynasty | Erin Delahunty

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Hopes are high in NSW after the manner of the Swifts’ title win pointed the way for the Diamonds Redemption was a thread woven deep into the fabric of the 2019 Super Netball season. Katrina Rore’s journey from humiliation to heroics is the most... read more

Essential poll: majority of Australians support medevac or better asylum care

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Voters continue to back Scott Morrison post-election and are still coming to terms with Anthony Albanese, survey shows A majority of Australians either approve of the medevac procedures, or think more needs to be done to protect the health and... read more

Paladin forced to pay back $3.1m for failures in offshore detention services

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The company, which holds a $423m contract for services on Manus Island, has blamed breaches on an ‘inability to deploy expat personnel’ Offshore detention security contractor Paladin has had to pay back $3.1m to the Australian government for... read more

This is what climate change looks like in Australia – in pictures

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As predictions about the climate crisis increasingly become observations, Australians are witnessing first hand the impacts of more frequent and severe weather events. These images supplied by the Climate Council show the devastating effects on... read more

It's cheap to visit Australia right now, but the world economy is suffocating our tourism | Greg Jericho

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Even though US bond yields are getting better, Brexit and Trump’s trade war with China are making our biggest tourism markets suffer Trying to discern the direction of the world economy is a job fraught with danger, but there are clear signs that... read more

Trump says US response to oil attack depends on Saudi Arabia's assessment

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Trump leaves it to Saudi government to confirm Iranian involvement in apparent bid to make monarchy take responsibility for any reprisal action Everything you need to know about the Saudi Arabia oil attacks Donald Trump has said the US response... read more

How we met: ‘Two girls had broken in. I threw on a towel and ran out to meet them’

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Dianne and Dreux Bourque met in 1987. Dianne, 50, is a nurse and Dreux, 51, works in healthcare administration. They have two sons and live in Dallas, TexasThe Christian Brothers – “kind of like monks,” says Dreux – would not have been happy to... read more

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for sausages with red onion and grapes | A Kitchen in Rome

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Like many Italian recipes, this one calls for few ingredients, but they all count: fat sausages in a sweet-sour sauce of braised red onion and red and white grapes Alastair Little puts it well in the preface to his book Keep it Simple: “Simple... read more

Just not sporty: how to embrace exercise as an adult if you disliked it as a child

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Bad memories of PE can give people the lifelong impression they’re not cut out for sport. But plenty of adults have left behind sedentary lifestyles – you just have to find the right approach When Sarah Overall was a child, a PE teacher held the... read more

China extends influence in Pacific as Solomon Islands break with Taiwan

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Blow for Taipei as largest remaining ally in region switches relations to Beijing The Solomon Islands’ government has voted to sever its longstanding ties with Taiwan and take up diplomatic relations with Beijing. The move is a huge blow to... read more